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The new Motifz Lawn Volume 2 has been launched and showcased at Alizay Fashion’s online store. So grab your favorite choice.Motifz  MPE 997 GreyMotifz  MPE 993 WhiteMotifz  MPE 993 Sea GreenMotifz  MPE 992 PeachMotifz  MPE 999 BlackMotifz  MPE 999 SkinMotifz  MPE 1000 Baby PinkMotifz  MPE 1000 GoldMotifz  MPE 1003 FeroziMotifz  MPE 1010 BlackMotifz  MPE 1009 PlumMotifz  MPE 1009 MustardMotifz  MPE 1004 MinkMotifz  MPE 1003 PinkMotifz MPE 992 BlueMotifz MPE 1004 RedMotifz MPE 1007 Olive GreenMotifz MPE 1007 WhiteMotifz MPE 1010 Orange


Zunuj Embroidered Lawn Range 2015  available now at Alizay Fashion online store, grab your favorite Five Star Lawn through online buying option or you may call us


Zunuj 3BZunuj 3AZunuj 2BZunuj Embroidered Lawn Range 2015 -Zunuj Embroidered Lawn Range 2015 -Zunuj 4AZunuj 4BZunuj 5AZunuj 5BZunuj 6AZunuj 6BZunuj 7AZunuj 7BZunuj 8AZunuj 8BZunuj 9AZunuj 9BZunuj 10AZunuj 10BZunuj 11AZunuj 11BZunuj 12AZunuj 12BZunuj 13 kurtiZunuj 14 kurtiZunuj 15 kurtiZunuj 16 kurtiZunuj 18 kurtiZunuj 17 kurtiZunuj 19 kurti

Finally launched the Charizma Range Vol-1 Summer 2015. Absolutely stunning clothing range containing Embroidered Swiss voil & Lawn Collection with chiffon dupata. In this Pakistani women clothing range all prices include fabric and stitching costs. You don’t have to pay anything extra. After you place your order our customer representative will contact you and discuss necessary measurements.

Charizma CR 532Charizma CR 533Charizma CR 537Charizma CR 535Charizma CR 534Charizma CR 538Charizma CR 539Charizma CR 543Charizma CR 542(1)Charizma CR 540Charizma CR 544Charizma CR 545Charizma CR 548Charizma CR 547Charizma CR 546Charizma CR 550(1)Charizma CR 551(1)Charizma CR 532(1)Charizma CR 533(1)Charizma CR 534(1)Charizma CR 536Charizma CR 535(1)Charizma CR 538(1)Charizma CR 539(1)Charizma CR 540(1)Charizma CR 542Charizma CR 541Charizma CR 544(1)Charizma CR 545(1)Charizma CR 546(1)Charizma CR 548(1)Charizma CR 547(1)Charizma CR 549Charizma CR 550

Now available the Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn 2015 with its exciting designs and fabulous collection of lawn. The fabric is available after complete tailoring at hence buy now the best of Pakistani women clothing and complete your desire to wear the finest fashion style.

Good news for fashion lovers the most wanted brand of Pakistan Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015 has been launched. You can buy online at and enjoy the Pakistani Women Clothing apparel that you ever wanted to complete your attire in just $115.

All prices include fabric and stitching costs, you don’t have to pay anything extra. After you place your order our customer representative will contact you and discuss necessary measurements.

Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015SN 29SN 28SN 26SN 25SN 21SN 22SN 23(1)SN 23SN 24SN 20SN 19SN 18SN 16SN 15SN 11SN 12SN 13SN 14 i SN 10SN 9SN 8SN 7SN 6SN 3SN 4(1)SN 4SN 5(1)SN 5MDP 1033-AMDP 1033-B Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015SN 2

Alizay Fashion now presents Motifz Digital Embroidered Lawn 2015 for complete details kindly visit our website or click the relevant image and go to the link.

MDP 990-AMDP 987-BMDP 987-B(1)MDP 989-BMDP 989-AMDP 987-AMDP 986-AMDP 988-BMDP 988-AMDP 990-BMDP 1011-AMotifz Digital Embroidered Lawn 2015MDP 1011-BMDP 1012-AMDP 1015-B(10MDP 1014-AMDP 1013-BMDP 1012-BMDP 1012-B(1)MDP 1015-BMDP 1032-AMDP 1032-BMDP 1033-AMDP 1033-B