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When a child is borne in this world this human being is bestowed with a gift and that is a present of affection.  Having affection for somebody is not a crime but it’s human nature or all creatures having a heart God has made. Either it’s about a relationship of a father to son; a daughter to mother, a sister to brother and grand children to grandparents, love is always there. However there is another loving world which has its own principles and these principles are based on what your heart says and what your heart feels. Sometimes these principles happen to be naughty sometimes touching but still there is something in the atmosphere that money cannot buy but your emotions and your love can.

Love is what you need, love is what you live for, love is what we look for, search for and when we find them, we never let them go. We always try our best to enchant them make them happy and try to be their whenever and whatever we want them. There are times when we argue with them but there is no point that we hate them. When we are quarreling or what we call we have a fight, every second we wish that this time will pass on and we’ll live together happily ever after. Because bad times never give you good memories but this is the moment when we put a full stop and begin with a new letter again which starts from “L” and that’s Love.

It’s difficult to say that when you are in a long-term relationship, there will be not issues in your life although we need to understand that if we have long journey to go on with a companion who is so beautiful and affectionate and completes your existence than you must be fully prepared to pass through with smooth and tough roads of life with your love. Now this is the time to embrace each other and say “I Love you beautiful and love you forever and wish to be your life again if God grants me one more chance to born in this lovely World”. Wish all the lovely couples a wonderful Valentine’s Day and specially to those who haven’t found or lost somebody loving today.


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