The new Motifz Lawn Volume 2 has been launched and showcased at Alizay Fashion’s online store. So grab your favorite choice.Motifz  MPE 997 GreyMotifz  MPE 993 WhiteMotifz  MPE 993 Sea GreenMotifz  MPE 992 PeachMotifz  MPE 999 BlackMotifz  MPE 999 SkinMotifz  MPE 1000 Baby PinkMotifz  MPE 1000 GoldMotifz  MPE 1003 FeroziMotifz  MPE 1010 BlackMotifz  MPE 1009 PlumMotifz  MPE 1009 MustardMotifz  MPE 1004 MinkMotifz  MPE 1003 PinkMotifz MPE 992 BlueMotifz MPE 1004 RedMotifz MPE 1007 Olive GreenMotifz MPE 1007 WhiteMotifz MPE 1010 Orange


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